Torque Sensor

Parameters S200
Power Supply (V) 5±0.5
Power Consumption (W) <0.15
Torque Measurement Range (Nm) 0~100 Can Be Customized
Max Load (Nm) 250
Cadence Detection TTL
Torque Signal Analog
Standards EN 14764-2005 ISO 4210-2010
Cup Threads BC 1.37*24
The shaft cup, tooth disc lock nut and other fasteners are resistant to falling No Fall Resistance
Bearing specification Conventional Bearing
Bottom Bracket Width (mm) 68 Or 73
Operating Temperature (°C) -20~70
Storage Temperature (°C) -10~40
IP level for Mechanical parts IP53
IP level for Electronic parts IP67
Neutral salt spray test (bearings mounting and sleeve connecting surface is not included) Non-Bearing And Grinding Parts 96H
Key measuring unit electronic components Domestic
Certification EN15194
Appearance color Black/Silver Torque Sleeve
Shaft color Black/Silver Bottom Bracket